Artistic Yomud Chuval

£ 8,000

Artistic Yomud Chuval
Size: 3'3" x 2'10"
Date (circa): Early 19th century

The difference between great and ordinary can be quite small. Here, at first glance, seems to be a very standard ‘9’ gul Yomud chuval. But the more you look at it, you realise it is in fact one of the greats. Something about its smooth simplicity, the space between the guls, the tall proportion of the field that allows the guls to be fully bloomed. The elegance of the flowers in the green border, the gentle flow of the connecting vine. Not least, that very simple ‘running dog’ border is articulated just that bit more. In short, this chuval was woven by a Master- or rather, Mistress- someone who had complete control of her medium, probably decades of experience and an innate natural talent. The Van Gogh of her day.
In very good condition for the age. Original fine woven plain kilim back still exists. Two small repairs, quite well done, nothing recent. This chuval is currently being washed and tidied up on the sides.

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