Herati Fereghan with Large Border

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Herati Fereghan with Large Border
Size: 11'3" x 15'4" / 343 x 469cm
Date (circa): 1850

The eponymous blue field Herati carpet has its roots in one of the oldest Persian design repertoires and I think that even these later copies are extremely old- circa 1850, or even older. My mentor, David Black, told me the following modest story with typical gusto and I remember it every time I see a Herati pattern Fereghan. He was called to a house in the British countryside to supply a carpet, and while he was there, the owner asked him to date an existing carpet in another room. It was, as you may have gathered, a blue field, Herati design North West Persian carpet looking about 1880, which is what David told the owner. With a twinkle in his eye, the owner gestured to a painting that hung over the fireplace. Upon inspection, it turned out to be a painting of that very room, with the carpet in it, and a date of 1812 painted into the corner!

What I haven’t seen before, is the giant and rather whacky looking main border. Really gives the rug a lift, most unusual.

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