Salor Kejebe Torba

£ 16,500

Salor Kejebe Torba
Size: 4'0" x 1'8" / 123 x 51cm
Date (circa): 18th century

This extremely rare torba or wedding trapping was made by the Salor Turkmen during the 18th century. The Salor tribe were the most powerful and aristocratic tribe until their virtual annihilation by the Persian Qajars and Tekke tribes around 1834. After this heavy defeat, the surviving Salors moved away from the Merv area to the Mangashlik peninsula where their weaving almost came to an end. Therefore today, Salor weavings are probably the most desirable and highly collectable weavings in the world and, as one might imagine, extremely rare. This is a beautiful example of Salor work in almost complete condition and although it does have some moth damage to the pile, this does not detract from the overall impression.

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