Small Serapi Heriz With Medallion

£ 9,500

Small Serapi Heriz With Medallion
Size: 12'6" x 10'7" / 380 x 318cm
Date (circa): 1890

Bold colours, bold design, this is a rug for a rug lover- perhaps you…? A generation or so older than most Heriz area carpets, my American friends refer to this type as ‘Serapi’, a place that doesn’t exist in Iran but was said to remind US decorators of the similarly angular patterned Mexican rugs and the term was coined and it stuck. I think this one is special for its use of mid to light blue in the medallion, making it slightly less heavy looking and more harmonious. Finely woven, showing some light wear but a very strong carpet with loads of life left in it. And it just happens to be beautiful as well!

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