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ARTS San Francisco, October 15-18 2015

I will be exhibiting for the 5th year running at the ever popular ARTS show, held at the Capri, San Francisco, in my regular room 318.


JAF 2010 from 16 to 26 June 2010

Welcome to ‘JAF 2’ !

I started to think about a second Jaf exhibition shortly after the success of the first one and have spent the intervening year scouring the world for enough examples of the right calibre. They have come from all manner of sources; America, the UK, Holland, Germany, Czech republic, Hungary and Turkey. Sometimes from private collectors, sometimes from my fellow dealers but to all I am very grateful as, I hope you will agree, the quality is very high.

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This year I have eighteen bagfaces and three rugs to exhibit. As we go to print, the third rug was acquired too late to photograph properly, but there was no way it could be left out, it is simply too exciting!

As in the previous catalogue I have given a colour count for each piece only this time, I have used a ‘mnemonic’- ROYGBV- to recall the colours in the order in which they appear in a rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and then I have added white and brown. After each letter is a number or a dash, indicating how many of those colours are involved, R2 O- Y1 etc etc with a total at the end.

I hope you will have time to come to my little gallery in Milan and see this collection of jewels, to share some of my passion and if not, please enjoy the catalogue, it has been my pleasure to create.

With my best wishes

James Cohen

Milan 2010